Melco EMT16

Imagine running a large embroidery order on your multi-head system. Suddenly, there is a thread break on head number two. With Melco EMT16s, all other heads will keep running while the thread break is fixed on head two. In contrast, all heads on a conventional system will stop until the problem is fixed.


Faster Embroidery

Melco EMT16 is built on the solid foundation of proven Melco technology, with advancements that boost production by 20% over older Melco machines.


Easy Operation

Melco’s patented Acti-Feed™ system revolutionized the embroidery industry many years ago by making embroidery machines easier to learn and use. Melco EMT16 combines that technology with a simplified user interface, so machine operation and training is easier than ever. New machine operators can be trained in as little as 30 minutes.


Industrial Platform

The machine cart is designed for mobility, strength and functionality. If mobility is part of your business plan, Melco EMT16 will deliver. Sturdy wheels enable you to easily move the machine from one part of your shop to another. If you need to embroider on large, bulky items, the table top is removable, creating a large open space under the pantograph so that the garment is free to move with the machine

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