So you’re in the market for an embroidery machine or accessories? We applaud you on your choice of embroidery machine! Whether you’re shopping for a new or used embroidery machine, Stitches Designs has the finance team to ensure your goals are met.

Feel free to call our finance team to estimate your traditional finance payments. Or, you can apply online for your machine with our online finance application form. It’s a secure process that protects your sensitive information. Once we receive the application, our staff will look it over and contact you quickly.

Regardless of whether you are shopping for an embroidery machine or you already have one, don’t forget to protect your investment with a Stitches Designs vehicle service contract.



In making the decision on whether to buy or lease your embroidery machine, it is necessary to understand the main differences between your two options. We offer you this brief overview for your consideration.



an embroidery machine, you pay for the whole machine. Generally, a down payment is made at the time of purchase, and sales tax can either be paid in cash at the purchase or rolled into your loan, if any. This means you will pay an interest rate on the balance of the loan. As with most other loans, your first payment is due one month after you sign your contract. Those who plan to keep their embroidery machine for a long period of time will likely find this the best option, as the embroidery machine is yours with no limitations.



 agree to pay for the embroidery machine in parts or a percentage at a time. When a sum equal to the original full price plus interest has been paid in equal installments, you may then decide to buy the embroidery machine at a predetermined price or return the embroidery machine to Stitches Designs. A hire-purchase is also known as an installment plan and it spreads the cost of your embroidery machine over an extended time period. The need for hire-purchase is greatly enhanced when you have collateral readily available.

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